Mixing it up

I get asked a lot of questions about my training, how much time I spend on the trails compared to road, speed, intervals, amount of vert etc. I think it’s really important to remember that everyone is different and will respond differently to training types and volumes. This article will give you a bit of an insight into the type of training that I will be doing over the winter to make sure that I hit 2019 running… literally!


The trails will always be my bread and butter and the majority of my training happens there. It can be a bit more difficult in the winter with the bad weather in the most exposed parts of the UK. Having said that, that’s not an excuse. I just get the opportunity to plan different routes and discover new trails. Not all trail runs are the same. I will do some long slow runs and also some race efforts, I try and train specifically for my next race. The trails are also more forgiving on your joints, so if you really are looking at ramping up your miles then I would suggest getting some off road miles in your legs.IMG_0377


The road racing scene in the UK is very competitive. I love racing as I think it brings out the best in people. This winter I will be doing some of my harder sessions on the road with the AB training group. This brings me onto another topic – group training, which I will cover another week! The hard sessions are the ones that really make a difference with your fitness and will get you race ready, no matter what your goals are.

Cross Country

Freezing cold mornings in the mud may not be your cup of tea but the variation of XC can really help your running! Some of the UKs top road runners also compete in the UK XC scene. It really helps to build the strength which is easily transferred onto the roads. I love cross country, racing as part of a team, in all environments and really out of my comfort zone!


Cross Training

A lot of people shy away from cross training as they don’t see it as being beneficial or they relate it to being injured. Cross training plays a really important role in my overall training program. It allows me to increase my volume without overloading my joints. I’m still able to get a great workout in the pool or on the bike which helps to build my overall fitness. Will I do another Ironman Triathlon in the future…

Strength and Conditioning

Lifting weights is not going to make you into a body building machine!! A well programmed S&C program that is specific to you and your sport has real performance benefits. You will improve your movement control, core strength, balance and stability and overall running ability. Yes, we would all rather be out running but I honestly believe that by taking one step back you are able to take two steps forward.


So, there it is, a little insight into how I’m going to be structuring my training in the winter months. Let me know what you think and if there are any topics you would like me to cover then give me a shout!

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